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Spring Forward: 3 Great Events for April 2019!

Dear Friends!  

April is in full swing and the warm breezes are making it official that Spring is here! We’ve got some great things going on this month, and luckily, they all come in 3’s! Don’t miss out on the following events and information.

Cannabis & Chiropractic Workshop

Saturday, April 27, 2019  10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

REVISED CanNChiro.png

Do you suffer from lower back and joint pain? Have you been curious about using medicinal marijuana as a treatment for your pain? As part of the Move the Community Series Spring 2019 Workshops, South Pasadena Pain Relief Center presents Cannabis & Chiropractic. This interactive lecture will be given in 2 parts:

Part 1: Cannabis 101- Deconstruct the negative myths of marijuana and unlock its healing benefits towards treating pain. This will be an interactive informational lecture. Bring a notebook and prepare to take notes!

Part 2: Non-Surgical Pain Relief -Learn how to eliminate pain for good and maintain back health without surgery or other invasive procedures.

ALL TICKETS include - ONE plant based lunch, snacks, drinks, and workshop materials

CONROGO EVENTS- Cannabis & Chiropractic

April is Foot Health Month!

Just because our feet are the farthest from our range of vision does not mean we neglect its importance.  In fact, an average adult walks about approximately 100,000 miles in their lifetime. Along with our spine, our feet are essential in keeping us mobile and independent to do all the things we need to do in a given day.  If a minor or major injury occurs, we are not only affected physically, but mentally, and economically.Unfortunately, the most common foot injuries occur with women due to the constant wearing of high heels. Check out my blog on foot health and the science behind high heels and back pain.  Also, please share this article widely to your family and friends who are suffering from foot and back pain! Access the article from the link below.

BLOG: How Wearing High Heels Causes You Pain

The Art of Shiho Nakaza: Art Exhibit & Sale!

blog- aRT OF sHIHO.png

Did you know that the South Pasadena Pain Relief Center is also an art gallery? We are proud to invite and host local artists, writers, practitioners, etc who want to promote their work through our “Move the Community Series.” We partner with these local movers and shakers to launch their work and/or ideas to the public because they want to make the world a better place.  The South Pasadena Pain Relief Center is currently hosting “Celebrate Everyday Movements,” a series of inspiring and beautiful works of local artist Shiho Nakaza.  Shiho has sketched and painted places all over the world, but she inspires us with her beautiful series the city of Los Angeles and Angelenos! All artwork are for sale at the office, so don’t forget to walk around and check them out! If you like something you see, you can buy it on the spot and take them home. Many of Shiho’s pieces have been already been bought and we are happy to see her art become conversation pieces at someone’s home. Read all about Shiho Nakaza, her work and our ongoing exhibits, health and wellness workshops from my wife Rachel’s blog, “If Good is Hungry.”

BLOG: The Art of Shiho Nakaza Capturer of Time, Light & Space

We hope that you enjoy these 2 resources for preventing pain and a slice of LA culture and art! If you do, please share them widely with your loved ones! At South Pasadena Pain Relief Center, we truly believe that the more informed our patients are, the faster their recovery will be.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Mike Howell DC, Spinal Decompression Specialist

& Rachel Cerdenio-Howell, Office Manager

Michael Howell