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South Pasadena Pain Relief Center Launches Their New Website!

Great News for 2019!

At long last, we’ve officially launched the website for the South Pasadena Pain Relief Center! As many of you know, I’m affectionately known as the Mechanic of the Spine, so we could think of no better name for our chiropractic website than!

I specialize in Spinal Decompression Therapy. This is a traction-type therapy that relieves and eliminates low back, leg, neck and arm pain. Spinal Decompression Therapy has has a high success rate for decreasing and eliminating pain associated with herniated or bulging discs, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The good news is that no drugs are prescribed, it’s non-surgical and more affordable than surgery!

I also offer General Chiropractic Care for the whole family. The most common causes of low back pain are excessive computer use, long-distance, commuter driving, and frequent cell phone use. Chiropractic adjustments eliminates pain caused by these activities.

More importantly, South Pasadena Pain Relief Center provides personalized care and holistic treatment plans to address your specific needs. Come check us out and bookmark the page to make it easy to find us online.

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3 Ways to Book Appointments

Our goal for this website is to make it easy for you to book an appointment and to provide resources to help you manage your pain. Here are the THREE ways you can book a chiropractic session with Dr. Mike Howell.

  1. BOOK ONLINE — FASTEST — Book an appointment on the HOME page. Simply scroll down and find the APPT button. Click on it, then choose the date & time that fits your schedule. Once your appointment is booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email and handy reminders as your appointment nears.

  2. BOOK BY PHONE — FASTER — Give us a call from the HOME page. Our office number is prominently displayed in the upper left-hand corner in RED. If you’re visiting our website on your mobile, you can click the number and it will call us directly. We’re happy to make an appointment for you over the phone.

  3. SEND US AN EMAIL — FAST — Drop us a line on the CONTACT page. Use the online form to tell us about your pain symptoms, and we’ll reply via email within 24 hours to see how we can serve you best. Please be as detailed as possible.

We’re excited to share our new website with you. We hope you find it easy to use and educational as well. Please share it with your family & friends who are currently experiencing pain.

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Move The Community Series

The Move The Community Series wellness workshops were a smashing success in 2018! They left all of us at the South Pasadena Pain Relief Center feeling empowered, inspired, and with full hearts. We recently hosted a couple of powerful events during our Winter 2019 season.

LA artist and designer, Shiho Nakaza opened the season with her solo exhibit, “Celebrate Everyday Movements,” Neil Belen closed out 2018 with a powerful Sound Bath & Meditation, Tee McNeill, travel consultant & digital nomad, hosted an inspiring vision board workshop to help us live our best lives in 2019 and beyond. And our Cannabis 101 workshop was led by Yeatra Sarun, a local ganja goddess & cannabis educator from Bodhi Sattva. All events left us feeling more empowered and educated about our mental, physical & spiritual future.

The Move the Community Series was designed to provide affordable and informative health & wellness workshops to our patients and the local community. We’re extremely proud of the fellowship we’ve created through our educational workshops and events. And we’re so pleased that you’re a part of our community.

We’re inspired and excited to bring you even more amazing workshops to nurture your mind, body and spirit in 2019. Look for book club discussions, meditation & yoga classes, more healing sound baths and cannabis courses, conversations about pain relief and even plant-based cooking classes.

2019 promises to be great so stay tuned Los Angeles!