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How to Prevent Work Related Injuries for Teachers

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It is midterms and or final exams. Your spouse, who is a teacher or professor, comes home late, tired, hungry and in their own space. The spouse goes to his or her designated work-space area at home (because you know they take their work home), then settles in for another two or three hours of grading more papers and or tests so they can be handed back to the students in the morning. Of course, at the end of this exam week, your spouse will come to you irritable and complaining about one or all of the following symptoms: neck, shoulder, joint pain, carpal tunnel and lower back pain. If you are married to an educator, perhaps you can relate to this scenario.

I really believe teachers deserve more credit. If you have been lucky enough to know a great teacher, you know that they sacrifice much of themselves to make sure your child, or you as a student, are engaged and learning in a memorable learning environment.

Are you a teacher, special needs assistant, professor, or administrator who perform the following daily work activities? If so, knowing about the following physiological health risks will help you avoid serious injuries that will affect your work efficiency.

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If you are an educator and you have the symptoms stated above, don’t be alarmed! You didn’t get this way overnight. Therefore, recovery will not happen overnight, but making small changes to your work and daily lifestyles will eventually lead you to full recovery. Read the helpful tips below:

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In the article “ Why Your Self-Care is More Important than Your To-Do- List,” author Jeanne Wolz writes for Teacher Off Duty at and emphasizes how self care is “critical to keeping a healthy mindset and also to staying your best, truest self.” She also states that, “ advocating for our own self-care is the only way that we will be able to teach sustainably and to keep our passion alive…self-care is the only way to keep it from burning out.”

To my wife, Rachel, my dad, Cleodis Howell, and to all the passionate, selfless and dedicated educators out there. I believe that making sure you maintain the health of your spine and your back is the ultimate form of self care. Take care of yourself first, re-energize, and come back swinging tomorrow! Your students will thank you for it!

Finally, we proudly accept Flexible Spending Account Cards for your convenience.  Have a great day!

Yours in good health,

– Dr. Michael Howell, DC

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